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For regular SAA and TAA portfolios, the next re-balance will be on Monday, July 16, 2018. You can also find the re-balance calendar for 2017 on ‘Dashboard‘ page once you log in.

As a reminder to expert users: advanced portfolios are still re-balanced based on their original re-balance schedules and they are not the same as those used in Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation (SAA and TAA) portfolios of a plan.

Please note that we now list the next re-balance date on every portfolio page.

Is 10 Year Long Enough For Portfolio Comparison?

Current bull market in US stocks has been so consistently stronger than others that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to argue for the benefits of asset allocation or diversification. In this newsletter, however, we try to walk through historical performance and look at current live data (and likely some of your portfolios). We hope this could help us to better understand how to evaluate a portfolio in an often used ‘long term’ period. 

Recent stock asset returns

First, let’s compare the major stock asset performance: 

As of 6/8/2018:
Stock AssetYTD
1Yr AR3Yr AR5Yr AR10Yr AR15Yr AR20 Yr AR
VFINX (Vanguard 500 Index Investor)4.8%16.3%12.3%13.2%9.6%9.3%6.6%
NAESX (Vanguard Small Cap Index Inv)8.2%19.1%10.9%12.5%10.5%11.5%8.8%
VGTSX (Vanguard Total Intl Stock Index Inv)0.2%11.0%6.3%6.4%2.5%7.9%5%
VEIEX (Vanguard Emerging Mkts Stock Idx)-1.1%12.8%5.6%4.5%1.6%10.7%8.3%

*: NOT annualized

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