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Overview & Featured ETF Portfolios

MyPlanIQ has over hundreds of ETF/mutual fund based investment plans for brokerage account investments including IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts) and taxable accounts.

Similar to a 401k plan, an ETF or mutual fund plan consists of a list of selected candidate funds.


Featured ETF Plans

These 5 plans represent some of our best ideas. They can be implemented in any brokerage account.

Six Core Asset ETFs

Simpler Is Better (SIB): 6 low cost candidate index ETFs representing 6 major asset classes: U.S. stocks, international developed country stocks, emerging market stocks, U.S. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), commodities and U.S. total bond markets. Focuses on asset allocation & diversification.

Good for beginners and those preferring simplicity

MyPlanIQ Diversified Core Allocation ETF Plan

35 candidate ETFs provide ample opportunities for diversification and fund selection (style or sector rotation) in each asset class. U.S. stocks include 9 style (large|mid-cap|small-cap value|growth|blend) ETFs. Commodities include Gold. Fixed income consists of an array of bond ETFs to manage interest rate and credit risk. Model portfolios can be mirrored on using 1-click re-balance.

Good for experienced & active investors

Retirement Income ETFs

36 candidate ETFs are income/dividend generating ETFs. Dividend stocks have proved to deliver better returns and lower risk in long term. More on article .

Good for income, high yield investors

Permanent Global Portfolio ETF Plan

11 candidate ETFs are from famed Permanent Portfolio concept for diversification and hedge purpose. These funds include Gold, Silver, Swiss Franc, U.S. treasury bonds and stocks.

Good for investors who are looking for more stable portfolios with hedging.

Vanguard ETFs

50 Vanguard extremely low cost ETFs enable to build low cost diversified portfolios. These portfolios can be implemented in Vanguard brokerage commission free.

Good for investors preferring low cost and proven index funds

Featured ETF Plan Performance

Latest Featured ETF Tactical Portfolios Performance Comparison

Latest Featured ETF Strategic - Optimal Portfolios Performance Comparison

What to do for your brokerage IRA or taxable investments?

Pick a plan from those listed above

Browse a plan page for :

Plan Rating: see PlanRatingIQ Investment Choices Rankingnew

Fund Ranking: compare funds ranking in each category (asset class) in the plan

Model Portfolios: browse and compare SAA and TAA model portfolios historical performance and holdings

Follow/customize SAA or TAA model portfolios tailored to your own personal risk tolerance

Manage your own brokerage account :

your followed or customized portfolios are updated daily.

You will receive regular monthly or quarterly re-balance emails for these portfolios.

You then use the re-balance/holdings information to make transactions in your brokerage account.

Not sure how to start? follow Step by Step Guide>>

Asset Allocation Model Portfolios

Each plan has Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) moderate and Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) moderate model portfolios. The portfolios' holdings are decided by their strategy's allocation and fund selection from the candidate funds.

Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) : (Free)

based on main stream Modern Portfolio Theory that emphasizes diversification and portfolio re-balancing.

Good for: Armchair or beginning investors, prefer mainstream and passive role.

Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) : (Premium: basic subscription )

based on major diversified asset trends to dynamically adjust risk assets (such as stocks) and fixed income (bonds) allocations.

Good for: Active or experienced investors, risk averse to avoid loss.

Not clear on how the strategies work? See More Details>>

Other Brokerage Plans:

Brokerage Specific ETF Portfolios >>
These are brokerage specific ETF commission free or low commission ETFs portfolios for Fidelity, Schwab, TDAmeritrade or others.

Brokerage Mutual Fund Portfolios >>
These are brokerage specific no load no transaction fee mutual fund plans suggested by brokerages such as Fidelity, Schwab, TDAmeritrade and others.

Lazy Portfolios >>
Asset allocation lazy portfolios suggested by Guru investors such as David Swensen and Fund Advice.

IRA/401K Brokerage Link Portfolios >>
Automatic IRA, 401K or other retirement plans offer brokerage windows (links) for plan participants.

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