The Week Ahead: Will September Be A Rough Month for Stocks?

The short-term technical picture does not look strong for stocks, although certain plays could enter a buy zone on the next correction. Above all, MoneyShow’s Tom Aspray suggests investors remain patient through the upcoming storm of volatile economic news.

Maybe I Just Don’t Listen Carefully Enough

By George Acs:

I hear that from my wife all of the time. She can call it selective hearing, but I don’t really listen to much of anything other than what most people think of as “background” noise.

I have CNBC on all day and, although I may not always appear to be lis…

Your Window To Buy Gold Below $1,700 Is Closing

Even the hardiest investors have been lamenting that gold prices have been stuck in a rut for a long time. Others with less experience have watched the market waiting for something to happen. And as always, many bailed out of the market entirely, licking their wounds.

But some, including me, have been stocking up. We’re…

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Innovations   30 Innovations That Will Change The World Fascinating list; bookmarking it because I don’t have time now $$ Aug 31, 2012 How ‘Oxygen Foam’ Can Save People Who Aren’t Breathing Injectable oxygen can keep people alive when lungs hav probs $$ Aug 31, 2012 Laser-Guided B…

7 High-Profit Dividend Stocks Backed By Analysts

By ZetaKap:

If your goal is to bring in supplemental income from your investments, it can be useful to scan dividend stocks to find moderate to high yielders. This can give you an idea of how different companies compare with each other in terms of yields and reliability. To …

The Buy List So Far

The year is now officially two-thirds over, so let’s look at how our Buy List is doing so far. Our set-and-forget Buy List has outperformed […]

Charting China’s ‘Monetary Policy’ Impotence

Iron Ore inventories to the roof; steel production still ramping; food and energy prices soaring; economy deteriorating rapidly. So why no major stimulus from the PBoC? Too busy in-fighting or perhaps waiting on The Fed or The ECB to rescue us all; we suspect neither of the above. This chart, via Goldman Sachs, indicates the relative looseness of fin…

When Bad Earnings News Boosts Stocks

Companies that miss Wall Street’s earnings expectations typically see their stock prices tumble. So why has bad suddenly become good?

Wasendorf Assets Going on the Block

The court-appointed receiver sifting through the assets of Russell Wasendorf Sr. plans a multiday auction this fall to liquidate the Peregrine Financial CEO’s personal property.

Passing Down Your Facebook Account

If you aren’t careful, your email account, Twitter handle and other ‘digital assets’ could be in danger after you die.

Pew’s Political Party Quiz

Do your views align more with Republicans, Democrats or Independents? Answer 12 questions in a new Pew Research Center quiz to learn where you fit on the political spectrum. Explore how you compare to other Americans by age, gender, race and religion.Update: If you don’t like the Pew quiz, try the World’s Smallest Political Quiz.