Johnson & Johnson Is En Route To $90

By Valuentum:

As part of our process at Valuentum, we perform a rigorous discounted cash-flow methodology that dives into the true intrinsic worth of companies. In Johnson & Johnson’s (JNJ) case, we think the …

The 15 Rules of Web Disruption

How to Spot – and Defeat – Disruption on the Internet David Martin’s Thirteen Rules for Truth Suppression,  H. Michael Sweeney’s 25 Rules of Disinformation (and now Brandon Smith’s Disinformation: How It Works) are classic lessons on how to spot disruption and disinformation tactics. We’ve seen a number of tactics come and go over the […]

Don Coxe – A Gold Bull, Bond Bear & Commodity Supercycle

Today 40-year veteran Don Coxe told King World News, “… when that bond bear market comes under way, it will be the next phase of the commodity supercycle.” Coxe, who is Global Strategy Advisor to BMO ($538 billion in assets), also added, “What’s fascinating to me is we’ve had this tremendous bull market in gold, against a bond bull marke…

Buffett Makes a big bet on the Housing Recovery

Warren Buffett has slowly been turning more constructive on US housing and now there are reports that he is putting his money where his mouth is.  Buffet is making a big bet on housing according to Bloomberg: Berkshire’s HomeServices of America Inc. unit will be the majority owner of the venture to manage a U.S. residential […]

Long Recovery Ahead for Battered Region

Tens of millions of people braved traffic and patchy public transit to return to work after Sandy’s destructive passage, while others sought only to create a semblance of modern life without electricity, running water and hot showers.

Japanese Banks Look Overseas

The focus to finance investment abroad is partly driven by the lack of domestic demand for loans. But heftier profit margins have played a part, too.

Yield is the Last Refuge of Scoundrels

Governments involved in financial repression (keeping savings rates below the inflation rate) encourage their citizens to do stupid things by reaching for yield.  Remember, most people think of yield as a magic chicken that lays eggs on schedule, and never gets sick or dies.  Those who truly understand markets know that yield is an allocation […]

Spain Surpasses 90′s Perfect Storm

By Martin T. – Macronomics November 1, 2012 “It is better to meet danger than to wait for it. He that is on a lee shore, and foresees a hurricane, stands out to sea and encounters a storm to avoid a shipwreck.” – Charles Caleb […]

Guest Post: The Tremendous Economic Benefits Of Superstorm Sandy

Submitted by Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform
The Tremendous Economic Benefits Of Superstorm Sandy
The public relations propaganda campaign to convince the ignorant masses that Sandy’s impact on our economy will be minor and ultimately positive, as rebuilding boosts GDP, has begun. I’ve been hearing it on the corporate radio, seeing it on cor…

Wall Street Sputters Back to Life

Powered by generators, surrounded by flooding and staffed at partial strength, the Big Board cranked back to life for the first time since Sandy swept the East Coast. The Dow industrials closed down 10.75 points at 13096.46.

Spooky Halloween surprise from Goldman

The Goldman Sachs Analyst Index (GSAI) hit a new post-recession low this month. The index is a composite of corporate outlook by industry from Goldman’s company research. In the past, the index generally fell in line with other economic activity indices such as ISM Manufacturing – but not recently. While the ISM index is showing a slight expansion&nb…

Greek Austerity Pressure Rises

Greece’s parliament narrowly approved a law giving the government greater flexibility to privatize public utilities, but the fractious vote underscored a widening rift within the ruling coalition.

Elliott Management Vs Argentina Round 2: Now It’s Personal

When it comes to international bondholder process, work out and restructuring (and litigation), on the one hand there is Europe, and specifically the ongoing Greek reorganization into an ever tinier balance sheet by way of cramming down weak-covenant, local-law bondholders (who are “encouraged” to participate in ever more coercive principal recovery …

Bleeding the Taxpayer: An Old Technology Dolled Up As New

Wolf Richter
On September 14, 1899, Henry Bliss stepped off a streetcar at West 74th Street and Central Park West in New York and got run over by a taxi. A plaque points out that it was the first automobile fatality in the “Western Hemisphere.” The taxi was an el…

Guest Post: China’s J-31 Stealth Aircraft Takes Flight

Authored by J. Michael Cole via The Diplomat,
Well, the Chinese aviation industry sure isn’t wasting any time: From the first glimpse of the tarp-covered fuselage being hauled in the first official pictures released by Shenyang Aircraft Corp (SAC) in September, China’s second fifth-generation stealth aircraft, the J-31, has now taken its maiden f…