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  • End subscription
    nvbluevelo asked · 05/23/2023 · 1 replies
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    • Hi, to create a portfolio using your own funds, you can go to Dashboard (after logging in) and click on Personal Plans to create a personal plan: by entering a list of funds of your own choices. Please give a try and let us know (you can send emails to support at We can help you to create model portfolios if you have difficulties. 

      To cancel your subscription, goto Dashboard, click on Manage Subscription on the top right. 

      Thank you
      Admin · 05/25/2023 13:39:46
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  • Switch portfolio
    YCO578 asked · 05/22/2023 · 1 replies
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    • If you are a subscriber, you can see model portfolios on your dashboard or other pages such as On What Do and Advanced Strategies page. However, please note MyPlanIQ has no information on your actual 401k or investment accounts. We only provide model portfolios for users to follow. You'll have to find your actual accounts to manage. 
      Admin · 05/22/2023 23:42:23
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  • Portfolio
    worldwydeguy asked · 05/02/2023 · 423 replies
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    • Hi, we are not affiliated with any plan and thus we don't have information on your accounts. Please contact Southwest HR benefit department directly. Thank you
      Admin · 05/05/2023 13:31:34
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  • cancel the charges and membership
    shahpan asked · 04/27/2023 · 1 replies
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    • Based on our system record, you are only a registered unpaid user. There is no charge to you and there is no credit card info or whatever info we have on file for you. Thank you
      Admin · 04/27/2023 13:30:42
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  • Simulation failed
    Irsstate asked · 04/26/2023 · 1 replies
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    • Can you tell us which portfolio you tried to simulate?
      Admin · 04/27/2023 13:31:05
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  • My credit card # changed
    dmax2002 asked · 04/16/2023 · 1 replies
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    • Just go to your PayPal account, find your MyPlanIQ subscription and change the card over there. Otherwise, might have to cancel and resubscribe --- we now use Stripe as our payment processor
      Admin · 04/18/2023 15:21:25
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  • Doug Roberts Follow the Fed
    gillco asked · 04/14/2023 · 1 replies
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    • This portfolio has been updated. Thanks
      Admin · 04/18/2023 15:19:56
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  • Cancel
    karibrett asked · 03/17/2023 · 1 replies
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    • Done
      Admin · 04/18/2023 15:21:36
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  • Credit Card Rejection
    yankeez3 asked · 03/06/2023 · 1 replies
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    • Hi, supposedly we should accept any credit card. Not quite sure about Debit card. We shouldn't have restriction to international subscribers. Our payment processing is through Stripe now. Can you use a credit card instead? Thank you. 
      Admin · 03/08/2023 15:31:57
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  • Withdrawal
    gmoellering asked · 03/01/2023 · 1 replies
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    • Please note MyPlanIQ doesn't have any your investment info. Please contact your provider directly. 
      Admin · 03/08/2023 15:32:48
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