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Steady high income & enhanced cash savings

We prioritize helping you achieve steady high income and enhance your cash savings. Our dedication to research and portfolio management enables us to offer unique solutions and resources for generating consistent income:

  • Best fixed income bond fund based income portfolios: our bond mutual fund and ETF based portfolios have consistently outperformed even the best bond funds over the past decade, providing a reliable anchor for steady income.
  • Information on how to bank on your own: regularly updated resources on utilizing broker CDs, Treasury and government agency bills, and short-term bonds to maximize your savings.
  • Income and savings tips: valuable tips and articles on generating income and savings through diverse investments and side hustles, such as real estate investments, online lending, and various businesses.

No matter if you’re a retiree seeking financial stability, someone in search of additional income, or simply concerned about optimizing your savings and banking practices, our platform is an invaluable resource that you can count on. 


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Model portfolios for income investors

  • Model portfolios for major brokerages
  • Based on excellent total return bond mutual fund
  • Based on total return bond ETFs
  • Outperformed even best bond mutual funds for past decade

Better Savings & Higher Short Term Interests

  • Enhanced ‘money market’ like ETF portfolios
  • Knowledge on how to get much better yields from broker CDs and Treasury bills
  • Better banking tips

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