Book Review: Treasure Islands

Tax havens exist to lower taxes and regulations on corporations and wealthy individuals.  But doing this involves significant complicated legal and accounting work.  The average person could not benefit because the fixed costs are high.  You need to have a lot of assets to benefit from tax havens. So why do the wealthy governments of […]

Chart of the Day: Look out Below?

“The next charts were shared courtesy of Neil Azous. The first is the percentage of Russell 2000 stocks above their 200-week moving averages, which is at 40% (MKM Partners). Historically, when that percentage reaches 40%, it was at or near an intermediate-term top in the index. “

Richard Russell – Silver, Heroin & Another Great Depression

With continued chaos and uncertainty in global markets, today KWN is publishing another important piece that was written by a 60-year market veteran. The Godfather of newsletter writers, Richard Russell, covers everything from silver and gold, to heroin and another Great Depression. He also included a key portion of an article that reveals an incre…

Why Did BRICS Back Russia On Crimea?

Submitted by Zachary Zeck of The Diplomat,

There’s been no shortage of reports and commentaries on the crisis in Ukraine and Crimea, and Russia’s role in it. Yet one of the more notable recent developments in the crisis has received surprisingly little attention.
Namely, the BRICS grouping (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa)…