Lumia Lifts Nokia Back To The Black

By Peter Pham:

In the last four years, Nokia (NOK) has gone from the leader in mobile phones to a relative laughingstock. However, with the release of Microsoft’s (

Breaking Open The Piggy Bank

By The Inflation Trader:

We have one month in the books in 2013 already; my, how time flies when you’re having fun! But the fun may not last much longer.

I have spent lots of time, over the last year, answering the question “why hasn’t inflation responded to QE?” My resp…

ETF League Table As Of Jan. 31, 2013

SSgA saw notable outflows on Thursday, Jan. 31, led by SPY, as markets dropped and U.S.-listed ETFs fell to $1.423 trillion in assets.

U.S. Nonfarm Private Payrolls: January 2013 Preview

By James Picerno:

A monthly increase of 176,000 for private nonfarm payrolls in January is expected in Friday’s update from the Labor Department, based on The Capital Spectator’s average econometric forecast. That’s slightly higher than December’s gain, but is moderately below a pair …

Belkin – We’re Facing A 1987 Selloff & Eventual Hyperinflation

Today the man who counsels prominent hedge funds, investment banks, institutional money managers, mutual funds, pension funds, and high net worth individuals across the globe, told King World News that he believes we are facing a 1987 type scenario where the markets will get badly shaken. Belkin, President of Belkin Limited, also believes we are eve…

Is The Market Topping Out?

Recently, many stock market bulls have come out to sneer, mock and dismiss the bears. And with some justification given the significant market upswing since 2009. Sure enough though, just as the bulls started to dominate the airwaves, the market may have reached an important top. Asia Confidential isn’t sure this is the top a…

Sirius XM: When Is This Stock Going To Move?

By Stephen Faulkner:

A question that seems to be repeated with increasing frequency as a stock trades in a narrow range for longer periods of time is “When is this stock going to move?” Investors see this question posed about nearly every ticker symbol at some point. Usu…

Industry Ranks February 2013

My main industry model is illustrated in the graphic. Green industries are cold. Red industries are hot. If you like to play momentum, look at the red zone, and ask the question, “Where are trends under-discounted?” Price momentum tends to persist, but look for areas where it might be even better in the near term. […]

Moving Averages: Month-End Update

Feb 01, 2013 Doug Short  The S&P 500 closed December with a monthly gain of 5.04%. As anticipated in my moving-average preview, all three S&P 500 MAs and four of the five the Ivy Portfolio ETF MAs are signaling “Invested”. The Ivy Portfolio The table below shows the current 10-month simple moving average (SMA) signal for each of the fiv…

It Is Time To Take Some Profits In Pitney Bowes

ByAlbert Alfonso:

Pitney Bowes (PBI) shares surged over 20% Thursday after the company turned in Q4 results that were better than expected. Pitney Bowes reported adjusted net income of $0.56 per sha…

CWS Market Review – February 1, 2013

“There are two times in a man’s life when he shouldn’t speculate: When he can afford to and when he can’t.” – Mark Twain Remember […]

Peregrine Founder Hit With 50 Years

The founder of Peregrine Financial Group was sentenced to 50 years in prison for a long-running fraud that cost his investors about $215 million.

Netflix: Is Now The Time To Sell?

Netflix (NFLX) has been on an amazing run recently and the stock has gone from trading in the low $60s to over $165 today. The stock is up almost 185% in the past half year and 173% in the quarter alone. This breakneck performance has been driven by three prim…

The Product that Never saw the Light of Day, Redux

I love my readers.  How many Variable Annuity [VA] products got mentioned to me as a result of yesterday’s article? Four, out of 2 emails, 3 comments, and one clever guy who figured out my phone number (no, I don’t keep it secret). Vanguard’s VA offerings Fidelity’s VA offerings Symetra’s VA offerings Jefferson National…

HFT Infographic

You know how we feel about special order-types and expert networks.  I’ll save you the long-winded paragraph so you can keep selling Amazon shares.  Here is an HFT infographic, slightly out-dated as Minoj has already begun to run his microwave trading system he bought from the Sears DIY section, which explains in simplistic terms the new dy…

Chevron Whacked By Record Fine, But Might Not Notice

Wolf Richter
The California Division of Occupational Safety & Health just slammed Chevron with massive, record-breaking penalties related to the refinery in Richmond, California—the one that ended up in a fireball last August.
It started when a severely corrod…