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Time-tested investment strategies

We provide valuable information and resources on asset allocation, diversification, and low-cost funds: 

  • Customized strategic and tactical asset allocation portfolios: based on time-tested strategies, these portfolios optimize returns while managing risk effectively.
  • Income investment portfolios: based on excellent bond mutual funds or ETFs, these portfolios provide stable income and potential capital appreciation.
  • Lazy portfolios from various guru investors: inspired by renowned guru investors, these portfolios offer a hands-off approach to investing, utilizing low-cost index funds or ETFs. 
  • Investment tools: portfolio simulation and backtesting, investment and portfolio calculators, asset class trends and correlation, mutual fund, ETF, and stocks analysis. 

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Time-tested asset allocation strategies

  • Strategic allocation portfolios
  • Tactical dynamic allocation portfolios
  • Taylored to personal risk profile
  • With low-cost ETFs or mutual funds
  • Applied to retirement plans (401(k), annuities …)

Model portfolios for brokerage investors

  • Model portfolios for major brokerages
  • Retirement IRAs or solo 401(k)
  • Taxable brokerage investment accounts
  • ETFs or no-load no-transaction fee mutual funds

Model portfolios for income investors

  • Model portfolios for major brokerages
  • Based on excellent total return bond mutual fund
  • Based on total return bond ETFs
  • Outperformed even best bond mutual funds for past decade

Advanced Portfolios

  • Global tactical allocation portfolios
  • Factor, style, sector and Fidelity select fund rotation portfolios
  • Various timing and seasonality portfolios
  • Tools for asset trends, correlation, smart fund manager …

Lazy portfolios from investment gurus

  • Comprehensive collection of lazy portfolios
  • Gurus like Warrent Buffett, David Swensen, Scott Burns etc.
  • Detailed historical returns, rolling returns, maximum drawdowns etc.

ETFs & Mutual Funds

  • Historical total returns & risk data
  • Dividend histories and up to date dividend data
  • Charts and tables for comparison
  • Risk managed ETF or mutual fund clones

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Retirement Calculator

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Customize Asset Allocation Portfolios

Build a custom model portfolio using our asset strategic or tactical strategies, tailored to a 401(k) plan or for a brokerage account.

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