5 Ways To Get Rich Online

To cash in online you need to be a game-changer. When Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook, there was nothing like it. He is now worth $17.5 billion according to recent Forbes valuations. There are still fortunes to be made online, and here are some of the ways to do it.

What do the Independent Inflation Gauges?

It’s been pretty interesting to see the S&P 500 hold up rather well against a backdrop of plummeting inflation expectations.  According to the 10 year break-even inflation expectations are the lowest they’ve been since the last outbreak of the Euro crisis in the summer of 2011. What’s even more interesting to me though, is how …

81.5% of QE Money Is Not Helping the Economy

81.5% of Money Created through Quantitative Easing Is Sitting There Gathering Dust … Instead of Helping the Economy Fed Has Been a Total Failure Robert D. Auerbach – an economist with the U.S. House of Representatives Financial Services Committee for eleven years, assisting with oversight of the Federal Reserve, and now Professor of Public Affair…

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  • Re: Cost of Living Comparison Dat January 25, 2022
    I have lived in … 7 towns in CA 3 towns in AZ 2 towns in NJ 1 town in NY 2 towns in CO 2 towns in NZ TDY’d in TX, AR, IL, OH My advice is to forget the “weight” nonsense and find out EXACTLY how much it costs to live where you […]
  • Re: Do people still wear ties and belts? January 25, 2022
    Can't remember the last time I didn't wear a belt with any pair of pants or shorts that weren't an athletic brand. I'm guessing few pants I'd feel comfortable in would stay where they're supposed to if I didn't. Ties are completely different. The last two times I've worn a tie in about seven years […]
  • Re: Have you walked away from Amazon? January 25, 2022
    guppyguy wrote: ↑Mon Jan 24, 2022 8:09 pm SnowBog wrote: ↑Mon Jan 24, 2022 8:01 pm I do however disable their ads, so the random things I look up on Amazon don't follow me everywhere else. https://www.amazon.com/adprefs I've tried that page, multiple browsers. It always says it can't find the server. Does that link work […]
  • Re: Finally figuring out personal finances January 25, 2022
    SnowBog wrote: ↑Tue Jan 25, 2022 2:19 am General thoughts: Don't ignore health insurance. If you don't currently have it, you should. One accident/illness could see a massive change in your finances. At your age, your savings rate will be far more impactful over time than tweaking fund selections... At most ages, the best financial […]
  • Re: Vanguard order "In Progress" January 25, 2022
    As Vanguard gains more customers, the number of accounts, mailings, and phone calls increase. Combine that with people being sick, working from home, and anxious to get their tax forms. Then you can understand why things are taking longer than they used to.