5 Ways To Get Rich Online

To cash in online you need to be a game-changer. When Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook, there was nothing like it. He is now worth $17.5 billion according to recent Forbes valuations. There are still fortunes to be made online, and here are some of the ways to do it.

What do the Independent Inflation Gauges?

It’s been pretty interesting to see the S&P 500 hold up rather well against a backdrop of plummeting inflation expectations.  According to the 10 year break-even inflation expectations are the lowest they’ve been since the last outbreak of the Euro crisis in the summer of 2011. What’s even more interesting to me though, is how …

81.5% of QE Money Is Not Helping the Economy

81.5% of Money Created through Quantitative Easing Is Sitting There Gathering Dust … Instead of Helping the Economy Fed Has Been a Total Failure Robert D. Auerbach – an economist with the U.S. House of Representatives Financial Services Committee for eleven years, assisting with oversight of the Federal Reserve, and now Professor of Public Affair…

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  • Re: Building a House in This Market/Can it be Done "Frugally"? September 19, 2021
    If you sell the house for $459k you’ll spend anywhere from $23k-28k in commissions. That’s more than the $20k for windows and AC.
  • Re: How do you avoid lifestyle creep? September 19, 2021
    Op, to me / us, we are planning to spend which seems reasonable and makes us happy. There is no point to be frugal and frugal, and once you are frugal you cannot spend much as well in later part of life. As in another discussion on flying first class, someone stated " if you […]
  • Re: Travel to Europe September 19, 2021
    Naismith wrote: ↑Sat Sep 18, 2021 1:37 am Although the EU voted a recommended approach, each country can do as they want and different places have different policies regarding vaccination, quarantine, etc. This means border control for each country. FWIW, here's a link to info if planning to travel to Europe: https://reopen.europa.eu/en My wife and […]
  • Re: Bankwithbo September 19, 2021
    Thanks for the replies. Good comments about phone number. AlohaJoe was able to find a phone number. I tried the contact us tab and only got a web form. So I have decided it is not worth it to open an account with this bank.
  • Re: Anyone buying cars right now? September 19, 2021
    rockstar wrote: ↑Sat Sep 18, 2021 2:33 pm One of my friends just purchased a 4Runner. She had to wait a month for it. But she didn't pay more than MSRP. I think Toyota isn't gouging customers as much as other manufacturers such as Kia. Kia? Really? Wow, that's a change of events. Maybe the […]