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We provide ETF or mutual fund model portfolios for you to follow monthly

They are tailored to brokerages and retirement 401k plans and can be customized for personal risk profile

Based on sound strategies with better returns and lower risk

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Brokerage or Retirement Investments

Investment accounts in a brokerage

ETF or mutual fund based model portfolios that are tailored to a brokerage taxable or tax deferred (IRA) account. More info

Investment accounts in a retirement (401k) plan

Model portfolios only using funds available in a retirement plan such as a 401k plan, 403b plan and an annuity plan. If your plan is not in our database, one of the most comprehensive database of 401k plans , we will add the plan and generate model portfolios for you. More info


Long Term Investment Success

Financial markets are volatile. We adopt two approaches to reduce risk:

  • Asset allocation utilizing low cost index ETFs and excellent mutual funds
  • Tactical rebalancing based on market conditions to reduce big loss in a bear market

See our investment methodology

More advanced portfolios for experienced investors. More info

Solid Fixed Income Portfolios

Tactical among bond segments and total return bond funds

In the current ultra-low rate environment, fixed income (bond) investors need to be more nimble. Our fixed income portfolios can tactically switch among a wide spectrum of bond segments using both excellent total return bond funds and low cost ETFs as candidate funds.

Solid long term returns

As a result both our taxable and tax exempt portfolios have delivered much better returns than even the best total return bond funds. Well suited to income (retiree) investors More info

Easy Management

Monthly rebalance emails/notifications

We monitor your model portfolios constantly and send monthly rebalance emails tell you what to buy/sell/hold.

Manage your accounts at ease

You then spend less than 30 minutes to rebalance your 401k or brokerage accounts. On average, investors rebalance 2-4 times a year. 

Educational Newsletters

Weekly newsletters

Our long running weekly newsletters have been praised by readers to provide common sense but rigorous educational materials and timely information.

The newsletters cover a wide range of personal finance topics including investments, financial planning and savings. See Examples

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*: AAC: Asset Allocation Composite. SAA-EW: Strategic Asset Allocation Equal Weight. SAA-Optimal: Strategic Asset Allocation Optimal. TAA: Tactical Asset Allocation
**: Both SAA-Optimal and TAA are still accessible for subscribers who began before 12/31/2019

Press and Testmonials

As a professional portfolio manager I have found that the problem many people have when it comes to managing their own investments is not a lack of intellect, but rather a lack of discipline. It appears that your service recognized that early on and has provided an easy to follow systematic approach. There is a significant amount of independent data that corroborates the efficacy of the MyPlanIQ concepts.

A Financial Advisor

I just want to thank you for your unique newsletters and for all of the archived data, which is not available elsewhere for litle guys, to my knowledge. Today’s newsletter is an example of how you help–you diagnosed the problem (in a portfolio I follow, as it happens) and figured out a solution. This is really wonderful. Please keep up the great work.

A subscriber

your newsletter is the only one I receive that provides realistic, rational advice…

A subscriber

I wanted to say that I always look forward to your newsletters and always learn from them.  I have taken many money-making bits of advice from them, and always refer to them when I am on the verge of getting “exhuberant.”  You have always cautioned rationality and caution, and I think those attributes for an investor are key.  Markets are emotional and often irrational.  I know of no service that advises people to keep their shirt on — everyone is out there selling something. 

A subscriber

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