Do you hate the use of the term “semantics” as much as I do?  I doubt it, but it should bother you as it relates to finance and economics because it’s a sign of extreme confusion over important details. This is generally done in the…

What If Everything Is Overvalued?

This time around, bonds and, increasingly, real estate also look overvalued. This is different from other over-valuation periods such as 1929, when the stock market was very overvalued, but the bond and housing markets for the most part weren’t. It

3 REITs to Play the Aging of America

The Baby Boomers are at an interesting juncture of their lives: Too old to rock ‘n’ roll, too young to die. This is a colorful way to describe the years of late career and early retirement, but it is nothing to take lightly. The aging of the Baby Boomers is the single biggest mega trend […]

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A First-Hand Account Of The Greek Bank Run

Submitted by Tom Winnifrith of Share Prophets
Witnessing the great bank run first hand as I deposit money in Greece
Jim Mellon says that the Greeks should build a statue in my honour as on Friday I opened a bank account in Greece and made a deposit. Ok…