Paradise Citi?

ByProfit Fan:

While much can be said of their recent improvements, Citigroup Inc. (C) is far from being as green or as pretty as it was looking back in 2007. At that time, Mr. Market had this mega bank’s sha…

Best Places On Earth To Run A Business

The U.S. might be a bit more heavily taxed in relation to its European peers, but regulation and other business burdens has not hampered the country from being the No. 1 place in the advanced economies to set up shop. Here’s a look at the best in the business, according to the “Doing Business 2012” report by the World Bank.

Sequestration Debate Misses the REAL Issue

Waste and Fraud Are the Real Causes of the Deficit With sequestration set to go into effect in a few days, everyone is talking about it (via Google trends): Sequestration means across-the-board cuts in government spending, split 50%-50% between the military and domestic spending. As this post will show, the hypocrisy surrounding the sequestration deb…

"The Blame Game"

Finger-pointing and fear-mongering over trivial budget non-cuts are now in full swing. Obama is blaming House speaker John Boehner and of course Boehner is blaming Obama.

Of the more ridiculous hype, Obama asserts “Navy ships could lie idle and children would lose out on vaccinations if the cuts are not halted.”


Mainstream Media Nonsense

KWN – Special Friday Gold ‘Chart Mania’

With the wild recent trading action in gold and silver, top Citi analyst Tom Fitzpatrick put together 7 fantastic gold charts where he laid out the explosive roadmap for gold going forward. Fitzpatrick believes that his call for a doubling of the gold price from current levels may now prove to be too “conservative.” Below is his tremendous piec…

Six Years at the Aleph Blog!

Thanks to all of my readers, whether you read me via RSS, e-mail, twitter, or natively at the website.  But I have a favor to ask… if you read me elsewhere, drop by the site every now and then, because not all of my commentary gets republished by those that reprint my work.  Also, not […]