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A workplace 401 K retirement plans is also called Employee Savings Plan, Profit Sharing Plan or Thrift Plan. It is also called Defined Contribution Plan. For small businesses, SEP or SIMPLE plans are variants of a 401k plan. Compared with a traditional pension plan (defined benefit plan), a 401K savings plan lets employees manage their investment funds in the plan. Participants are responsible for their portfolio returns.

A 401k plan usually consists of a dozen (no less than 3 by law) investment funds. The available investment funds of a plan are obtained based on public filing information and thousands of users' input. If you can not find your plans or you think they need to be updated/corrected, please email us your plans investment options (a list of investment funds. They could be mutual funds (thus preferably their symbols), trusts and Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs)). You can find this information from your Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD) document (in 401K/403B cases) or through your online accounts. Other important information includes the redemption period for each fund. By default, we assume that funds (other than money market funds and ETFs) have a minimum three month (90 days) holding period to avoid redemption charge.

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Asset Allocation Model Portfolios

Each plan has Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) moderate and Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) moderate model portfolios. The portfolios' holdings are decided by their strategy's allocation and fund selection from the candidate funds.

Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) : (Free)

based on main stream Modern Portfolio Theory that emphasizes diversification and portfolio re-balancing.

Good for: Armchair or beginning investors, prefer mainstream and passive role.

Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) : (Premium: basic subscription )

based on major diversified asset trends to dynamically adjust risk assets (such as stocks) and fixed income (bonds) allocations.

Good for: Active or experienced investors, risk averse to avoid loss.

Fund minimum holding periods and round trip policy (if there is any) are observed in model portfolios.

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What to do for your investments in a 401k savings plan?

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Model Portfolios: browse and compare SAA and TAA model portfolios historical performance and holdings

Follow/customize SAA or TAA model portfolios tailored to your own personal risk tolerance

Manage your own 401k account :

your followed or customized portfolios are updated daily.

You will receive regular monthly or quarterly re-balance emails for these portfolios.

You then use the re-balance/holdings information to make transactions in your 401k account.

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Fortune Top 10 Company 401K Plans Ranking*

*: Based on 2010 Fortune 500 List

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