Why You Should Avoid Deere In 2013

By XY Trader:

Deere and Company (DE) had a roller coaster year. It opened the year just under $78/share, skyrocketed to a 52-week high of $89.70 before falling to a 52-week low of $69.51, and looks to be closing …

What’s Ackman’s Herbalife Game?

By Felix Salmon:

Bill Ackman sure knows how to make a splash: his presentation laying out his Herbalife (HLF) short is rapidly approaching 3 million pageviews on <a href="http://www.businessinsider.com/bill-…

S&P 500 In 2012

Hickey and Walters (Bespoke) submit:

Before 2012 gets too far in the rear-view mirror, below is a snapshot of the S&amp;P 500’s …

Funding What Should Not Be Funded

With the Fed engaging in financial repression (maybe that should be oppression, the only role of the Fed is to steal from savers…) there are many corporate bonds being issued at low yields, some of which  are at lower yields than losses that we experience during crises for the ratings class.  Should this not be […]

Fiscal Cliff Result: The Can Is Kicked

Nothing happened.

I was hoping that we would go over the fiscal cliff because taxes would go up on everyone. I think everyone should suffer the pain of paying for the government’s uncontrollable spending. Perhaps the “middle class”, whom politicians believe are clueless, would then start to think about the future of our co…

Government & Big Banks Join Forces to Violently Crush Peaceful Protests

Government and Big Banks Joined Forces to Violently Crush Peaceful Protests: Mussolini Would Call It Fascism The definition of fascism used by Mussolini is the “merger of state and corporate power“. Government and the big banks are in a malignant, symbiotic relationship. And our economy now exhibits a merger of state and bank power. Prominent […]


King World News would like to wish our readers and listeners around the world “A VERY HAPPY, HEALTHY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!”

Richard Russell – 2013 & The Greatest Bubble In World History

With 2013 now upon us, the Godfather of newsletter writers, Richard Russell, told his subscribers they are now living through the greatest bubble in history. Russell also discussed gold and the important breakout in the closely-watched VIX. Here is what Russell had to say in a note to subscribers: “You and I are watching, or I should say living …

Happy New Year 2013

    I wanted to say “Thank You” to all of The Big Picture readers, contributors, commentors, editors and staff who make TBP such a deeply rewarding endeavor for me. It is a labor of love, and a source of joy and inspiration. I thank you all. Here is wishing you a healthy, happy and […]

Four in a Row: Dow Gains 7.3% in 2012

The Dow Jones Industrial Average snapped a five-session losing streak, aided by a late surge, and notched its fourth consecutive annual gain.

Senate Agrees To Kick Can For Two Months; Breached Debt Ceiling Untouched

Well, we appear to be nearing a mini ‘delay’ deal of some sort. The agglomeration of headlines continues with Senate deals on and off, Biden proclaiming victory yet Senate Democrats are said not have consented (yet).


The 2013 Buy List

Here are the 20 stocks for the 2013 Buy List. It’s locked and sealed and I can’t make any changes for 12 months. For tracking […]

China PMI Prints Most "Schrodinger-ish" In 23 Months As Japan Ups Growth ‘Guess’

It’s 815ET on New Year’s Eve and China PMI just printed below expectations at 50.6 – very marginally in expansion. The trouble is this is now the most divergent from the HSBC China PMI since January 2011 indicating once again that nothing matters and yet at the same time – the PBOC ain’t coming to the rescue anytime soon. Meanwhile, in another epic r…

The 2012 Buy List

The 2012 trading year has come to a close. I’m happy to report that our Buy List had another market-beating year. The 20 stocks on […]

Weekly Gasoline Update: The 2012 Twin Peaks

Dec 31, 2012 Doug Short  The year 2012 was certainly a roller coaster ride for gasoline. The adjacent thumbnail shows the range for Regular and Premium. From the last week of 2011 we see near twin price peaks. Regular and Premium both peaked in early April, up 21.0% and 19.2% respectively. They hit interim lows in early July, only a few c…