Apple: 5 Key Questions For The Rest Of 2014

By Bill Maurer:

Last week, I gave a brief preview of Apple’s (AAPL) second half of 2014, and why investors might appreciate

A Straw Blowing in the Wind

I would like to point your eyes to this article: Cash No Longer King as Stock, Asset Swaps Drive Takeovers.  This is another sign that equity valuations are getting high.  When equities are cheap, corporations part with cash to buy other corporations and assets.  When equities are rich, corporations use them as a currency to buy […]

"Ending in tears" doesn’t mean the market goes down right away

This is the second part of a two-part post. In part 1, I outlined the risks to the equity market (see This will end in tears, but when?). The markets are getting frothy. The combination of too much complacency, which leads to excessive risk appetite, and diminishing margins of safety will magnify the downside effect of any negative catalysts. However…