Why Apple Can Take Nuance Down

By Mitu Anand:

Speech technology provider Nuance Communications (NUAN) is in a soup. Known for providing the

Intel And On-Chip Memory

ByRuss Fischer:

I have been writing lately about the probability of Intel (INTC) integrating DRAM onto the CPU chip in the case of PC or the Application Processor chip in the case of mobile devices.<...

Private equity’s bad habit: Asian minority stakes

Buyout firms are spending record amounts on non-controlling shareholdings in Asian public companies. History suggests such investments are fraught with risks. Pressure to deploy capital in a market…

Linn Energy Strikes A Deal With Devon

ByAlbert Alfonso:

Linn Energy (LINE) has been on quite the roll recently. The stock has largely recovered from its losses earlier in year, thanks in large part to an asset swap with Exxon Mobil (

New Private Solar Group Tackles Trade Wars

By Doug Young:

Chinese solar panel makers have taken an important step to solving their ongoing trade spat with the west by formally launching a private sector trade association to speak on their behalf. The move gives the panel makers their first truly commercial …

Apple: 5 Key Questions For The Rest Of 2014

By Bill Maurer:

Last week, I gave a brief preview of Apple’s (AAPL) second half of 2014, and why investors might appreciate

A Straw Blowing in the Wind

I would like to point your eyes to this article: Cash No Longer King as Stock, Asset Swaps Drive Takeovers.  This is another sign that equity valuations are getting high.  When equities are cheap, corporations part with cash to buy other corporations and assets.  When equities are rich, corporations use them as a currency to buy […]

Historic “Golden Crosses” To Create Explosions In Gold & Silver

Today KWN is putting out a special piece which features three incredible charts showing that the gold and silver markets are about to see the all-important “Golden Cross” take place These are the types of charts that the big banks follow closely, as well as big money and savvy professionals.

"Ending in tears" doesn’t mean the market goes down right away

This is the second part of a two-part post. In part 1, I outlined the risks to the equity market (see This will end in tears, but when?). The markets are getting frothy. The combination of too much complacency, which leads to excessive risk appetite, and diminishing margins of safety will magnify the downside effect of any negative catalysts. However…