Re-balance Cycle Reminder All MyPlanIQ’s newsletters are archived here.

Regular AAC (Asset Allocation Composite), SAA and TAA portfolios are always rebalanced on the first trading day of a month. the next re-balance will be on Friday March 1, 2020.

Please note: As of today, we now officially phase out our old rebalance calendar for both SAA and TAA. They are now always rebalanced on the first trading day of a month. 

As a reminder to expert users: advanced portfolios are still re-balanced based on their original re-balance schedules and they are not the same as those used in Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation (SAA and TAA) portfolios of a plan.

Rebalance and newsletter emails

It has come to our attention that some (not all) of our recent rebalance/newsletter emails were rejected by gmail and Google supported email systems. As a result, some of these users haven’t been able to receive these emails.

At the moment, we are working hard to resolve this issue.

In the meantime:

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