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What Can We Learn From Bill Gross’ Departure From PIMCO?

Bill Gross’ departure from PIMCO has generated some big sensational reports from media. Apart from interesting entertaining stories for the event, we believe there is a thing or two one can learn from this. 

Bill Gross is widely known in financial investment world because  PTTRX (PIMCO Total Return Instl) fund he used to manage has become ubiquitous in virtually every insurance plan, 401k retirement plan, pension funds and financial advisors’ managed portfolios. The second largest mutual fund in the world (second to Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund), the total return bond fund has about $221 billion in assets under management.  In addition to the total return bond fund, Gross also managed several other PIMCO funds. Since founding PIMCO in 1971, Gross has garnered a nickname as ‘Bond King’ because of his solid fund performance record and his influential media appearance that sometimes can have substantial impact on markets. Many, including Bill Gross himself, have pointed out that his 40 plus year outstanding performance might have something to do with one of the longest bond bull markets during his career. 

In the following chart, one can see that since Gross started PIMCO in 1971, he experienced a mini bear market (rising bond yield till 1981) and then a secular declining rate market environment ever since. 

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