Though you might be overwhelmed by many many details, do not be intimidated. Focus on the big events first and work out or leave out smaller ones later. As in any practice, an 80-20 rule also applies here: you can get 80% of work done with 20% efforts! That 80% of goals are much better than completely blind and just simply wait and see. 
Regardless which way you use, one can see that you will need to reduce risk exposure as time goes (other than the long perpetual part, even that, you might have to think about it when it is approaching). This is again illustrates how important it is to have a sound portfolio that has acceptable drawdown or risk level. A severe portfolio damage or loss and scaling down the risk at the same time is the worst combination that can seriously impacts one’s overall finance.  Limiting severe damages to a portfolio, being an intermediate or long term, is paramount to retirees. 
A word of caution: by no means we endorse the so called buckets of money strategies. We believe the ones touted out there are not scientific enough (lack of back testing or analytics such as simulations) and lack of details (no precise step by step guidance instead of just vague instructions). Conceptually, however, we believe further classify one’s ongoing needs into short, intermediate and long term categories can help to setup portfolios better. 

Cash, Short, Intermediate and Long Term Portfolios

Now that we divide investments into the above categories, one can use MyPlanIQ’s portfolio setup tool to find their risk profiles and set up corresponding portfolios. 
Some useful tips here: 

To summarize, we believe goal based financial planning should be used to drive investment portfolio setup. Furthermore, risk should be strictly controlled when one approaches or is at retirement. 

MyPlanIQ is currently working on several projects to provide better solutions in the areas mentioned above. Our goal is to provide easy to use effective solutions for various investment needs. 

Portfolio Performance Review

We show the performance for various portfolios mentioned above: 

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