All of these bond funds have reasonable back testing performance and they all out performed Vanguard total bond index fund (VBMFX): 
Even though we don’t know what lies ahead and we know it will only become harder for fixed income bond investing, we are not as pessimistic as many others. We believe a systematic and sound fund rotation strategy over a very diversified array of bond funds will be still able to find plenty of opportunities. 

Portfolio Performance Review

The following shows how the original lazy portfolios listed on Lazy Portfolios have performed recently: 

Portfolio Performance Comparison (as of 3/18/2013)

Ticker/Portfolio Name1 Week
1Yr AR1Yr Sharpe3Yr AR3Yr Sharpe5Yr AR5Yr Sharpe10Yr AR10Yr Sharpe
Wasik`s Nano0.1%4.1%8.0%106.3%8.0%69.0%4.3%23.5%  
7Twelve Original Portfolio-0.2%4.1%4.9%53.0%7.3%56.2%3.8%20.2%  
P Permanent Portfolio ETF Version0.5%0.9%1.9%20.9%8.5%97.7%5.7%48.7%  
Fund Advice Ultimate Buy and Hold Lazy Portfolio0.5%4.1%6.6%83.4%7.7%65.8%4.8%28.7%9.2%64.3%
The Coffee House Lazy Portfolio ETFs0.2%5.2%8.8%113.4%8.9%80.9%6.4%39.0%  
P David Swensen Yale Individual Investor Portfolio Annual Rebalancing-0.0%3.9%9.9%125.7%11.1%94.3%6.9%36.0%10.6%63.9%

*: NOT annualized

**YTD: Year to Date

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