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  • Retirement planning: contribution, employer match, investment action plans on retirement plans including 401(k), 403(b), 529, and annuities. Retirement, investment, and savings calculators. 
  • Long-term investment portfolios: time-tested asset allocation strategies, lazy portfolios, and portfolio simulators to optimize returns with managed risk using low-cost ETFs or mutual funds
  • Income & savings: investment portfolios and cash savings tips to generate income
  • ETFs & mutual funds: historical (rolling) returns, dividends, risk, and return calculators and comparison on ETFs and mutual funds for better investment choices 

Our data-dependent platform assists you in improving your investments and personal finance, whether you’re planning for retirement or seeking to build wealth.

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High quality resources for 401k, 403b, 529 retirement plans on investment, contribution, fees, retirement planning and much more ...

Retirement planning

  • Valuable retirement information and resources
  • Comprehensive database of 401(k), 403(b), 529 & annuity plans
  • Investment model portfolios customized to a plan & tailored to personal risk profile
  • Retirement calculator, 401(k) calculator & more

Investment model portfolios

  • Time-tested investment strategies
  • Strategic allocation portfolios
  • Tactical dynamic allocation portfolios
  • Lazy portfolios from guru investors
  • Tailored to investors with various levels of experience

Income & Savings

  • Income investment portfolios of dividend and bond mutual funds or ETFs
  • Cash enhanced savings portfolios
  • Resources and tips on better savings such as brokerage CDs and Treasury bill

ETFs & Mutual Funds

  • Historical total returns & risk data
  • Dividend histories and up to date dividend data
  • Charts and tables for comparison
  • Risk managed ETF or mutual fund clones

Featured Articles

Growth At A Reasonable Price (GARP) Stock ETFs

We discuss two Growth At A Reasonable Price (GARP) ETFs: T. Rowe Price Capital Appreciation ETF TCAF and Invesco S&P GARP ETF SPGP. We further show one can again do better to outperform PRWCX by utilizing the GARP ETFs and total return bond portfolios

Portfolio Calculator (Simulator)

Quickly enter fund allocation and get a back test result on the performance of this 'lazy' portfolio.

Retirement Calculator

See how much you can save for retirement.

Customize Asset Allocation Portfolios

Build a custom model portfolio using our asset strategic or tactical strategies, tailored to a 401(k) plan or for a brokerage account.

Investment Calculator

Grow your wealth and see the power of compounding

Looking for a (forgotten) 401(k)?

Find plan contact info, plan expense, investment options or how to select investments on your 401k plan ...