P SMA 200d VFINX Total Return Bond As Cash Monthly
0.01%August 05

This portfolio uses a total return bond fund portfolio P_46880 (Schwab Total Return Bond) as cash instead. See May 9, 2016: Boost Your Dull Summer Investments for more details. For a longer history portfolio that uses standard cash, see P SMA 200d VFINX Monthly.

The portfolio buys VFINX (Vanguard S&P 500 index fund) when it's total return is above its 200 days moving average and sells VFINX and buys 'cash' (in this case, P_46880 (Schwab Total Return Bond) or any other total return bond portfolio for other brokerages (see Brokerage Investors ) when its total return is below its 200 days simple moving average. It does the above adjustment on the last day of every month. 

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