Schwab Total Return Bond
0.01%December 02

This portfolio is for fixed income investments in Schwab. It invests in a no load no transaction fee total return bond fund and rebalances every month. It obeys the 3 month minimum holding period requirement for every fund. Please see the following newsletters for more detailed description:

For its smart usage in other asset allocation portfolios, see the following:

Candidate funds used in this portfolio:
Asset Class Ticker Description Rating

Intermediate-Term Bond PBDAX PIMCO Investment Grade Corp Bd A
Intermediate-Term Bond PDBZX Prudential Total Return Bond Z
Multisector Bond PONAX PIMCO Income A
Intermediate-Term Bond DLTNX DoubleLine Total Return Bond N
Intermediate-Term Bond WABRX Western Asset Core Bond R
Intermediate-Term Bond TGMNX TCW Total Return Bond N
Intermediate-Term Bond PTTAX PIMCO Total Return A
Intermediate-Term Bond MWTRX Metropolitan West Total Return Bond M
Multisector Bond LSBRX Loomis Sayles Bond Retail

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