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  • Phone: (763) 231-6740

AAE 401(K) RETIREMENT PLAN has the following features:
    Default Investments: It uses a default investment account for participants or employees who fail to direct assets in their account.

At the end of 2022, the total number of retirement plan participants in AAE 401(K) RETIREMENT PLAN is 22

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Puzzled on what to invest?

  • We ask a few questions to decide your personal return and risk expectations
  • We build a custom portfolio for your plan (401(k), 403(b), 529 ...) or for a  brokerage account
  • We monitor and send timely rebalance emails on what investment funds to buy and sell

Looking for ideas to generate income?

  • ETF or mutual fund income portfolios for 4-7% annual income
  • Dividend stock funds
  • Passive real estate investments
  • more ...

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