MyPlanIQ Advanced Investors
As an expert or pro subscriber, you can access to the following advanced features. All of these features can be accessed on your dashboard.
Create your own plan and model portfolios

Enter your own ETFs and/or mutual funds to create your own investment plan. The tool then generates portfolios that use MyPlanIQ’s Asset Allocation Composite, Strategic Asset Allocation or Tactical Asset Allocation strategies. You can back test these portfolios. Furthermore, we allow you to enter mutual fund restrictions such as minimum holding period and round trip limitation so that your portfolios are realistically investable.

Research and monitor advanced portfolios
MyPlanIQ provides comprehensive information for advanced investors to construct a sophisticated portfolio. You can visit the following pages
Advanced Strategies on this page, there are advanced portfolios that you can follow or customize (for example, change a parameter such as the list of funds in a portfolio). You can use these portfolios as reference to make trades in your brokerage or 401k accounts accordingly. 360° Market Overview on this page, you can find daily trend scores for many asset classes, represented by ETFs. These trend scores are similar to the ones used in Tactical Asset Allocation. Use these trend info along with the info on Asset Trends and Correlation to monitor how asset classes have moved.
SmartMoneyIQ Managers MyPlanIQ monitors realtime asset allocations of many famous allocation mutual funds using MyPlanIQ SmartMoneyIQ tool that analyzes and infers a fund’s allocation based on its recent price behavior (a similar technique used for hedge fund cloning). You can also find the top allocation gurus’ and average allocation managers’ allocations in their mutual funds from Smart Money Indicators. Market Indicators this page lists several U.S. stock valuation metrics such as Robert Shiller CAPE10, Warren Buffett’s Total Stock Market Valuation to GNP ratio etc.
ETFs in Asset Classes Other than indicated, performance data are based on closing prices on last Friday Smart Money Indicators MyPlanIQ's smart money indicator is derived based on comprehensive analysis of top asset allocation Gurus' recent asset exposure. Currently, it tracks the aggregate asset exposure on US equities and bonds.
Use your own allocation templates

You can create an advanced static portfolio that is based on your asset allocation templates. Enter a list of ETFs or mutual funds and then specify target allocation percentages for each asset class (such as U.S. stocks or U.S. SmallCap), the tool will automatically generate a portfolio using the template. It uses MyPlanIQ fund selection and rebalances at a rebalance time, either monthly, quarterly or other frequencies you choose.

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  • Real time fund ranking and selection for your plans
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