Asset Class Returns erroneous


It appears that there are errors in the Asset Class Returns.
Long Term Treasuries are shown as the week's leader with 3.50% return; next US Stocks with 3% and 3rd Commodities 2.2%
I checked the performance of VUSTX, VITSX and DBC on
Their returns are:  1.99%,1.28%, and 2.69% respectively.
Would appreciate your clarification.
rptrader1 asked · 07/03/2021
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  • Are you referring to this page? We are not seeing the returns you mentioned. Please pay attention to the 'as of 7/2/2021' date. Maybe you were seeing a different date? 

    Asset Class Trends (As of 07/02/2021)
    Asset Class1 Weeks4 Weeks13 Weeks26 Weeks52 WeeksTrend Score
    Long Term Treasuries2.1%3.5%5.5%-7.3%-9.6%-1.2%
    US Stocks1.3%3.0%8.1%16.5%44.5%14.7%
    US Bonds0.7%0.8%1.7%-1.7%-0.6%0.2%
    High Yield Bonds0.7%1.0%2.4%2.5%11.0%3.5%
    National Muni Interm0.2%0.0%1.2%0.9%3.8%1.3%
    Intl Bonds-0.1%-1.8%0.8%-3.9%6.7%0.3%
    US REITs-0.3%0.8%10.5%22.4%33.0%13.3%
    Global Real Estate-0.5%-1.2%5.2%8.5%23.1%7.0%
    Intl Stocks-0.8%-1.5%4.6%10.0%34.9%9.4%
    Emerging Mkt Stocks-1.4%-1.6%2.7%7.8%33.6%8.2%

    Admin · 07/06/2021 12:56:39
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  • Sorry, meant for this page
    Admin · 07/06/2021 12:57:30
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  • in future I will take screenshot
    rptrader1 · 07/07/2021 21:23:29
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