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V (51 - 100 of 2307)

VALIC Company I International Growth (VCINX)

VALIC Company I Large Cap Core (VLCCX)

VALIC Company I Large Capital Growth (VLCGX)

VALIC Company I Mid Cap Index (VMIDX)

VALIC Company I Mid Cap Strategic Gr (VMSGX)

VALIC Company I NASDAQ-100 Index (VCNIX)

VALIC Company I Science & Technology (VCSTX)

VALIC Company I Small Cap (VCSMX)

VALIC Company I Small Cap Agrsv Gr (VSAGX)

VALIC Company I Small Cap Index (VCSLX)

VALIC Company I Small Cap Special Val (VSSVX)

VALIC Company I Small-Mid Growth (VSSGX)

VALIC Company I Stock Index (VSTIX)

VALIC Company I Value (VAVAX)

VALIC Company II Agrsv Growth Lifestyle (VAGLX)

VALIC Company II Capital Appreciation (VCCAX)

VALIC Company II Cnsrv Gr Lifestyle (VCGLX)

VALIC Company II Core Bond (VCCBX)

VALIC Company II High Yield Bond (VCHYX)

VALIC Company II Intl Small Cap Eq (VISEX)

VALIC Company II Large Cap Value (VACVX)

VALIC Company II Mid Cap Growth (VAMGX)

VALIC Company II Mid Cap Value (VMCVX)

VALIC Company II Moderate Gr Lifestyle (VMGLX)

VALIC Company II Small Cap Growth (VASMX)

VALIC Company II Small Cap Value (VCSVX)

VALIC Company II Socially Responsible (VCSRX)

VALIC Company II Strategic Bond (VCSBX)

Valley Forge (VAFGX)

Valley National Bancorp (VLY)





Valspar Corporation (VAL)




Value Line Asset Allocation (VLAAX)

Value Line Convertible  (VALCX)

Value Line Core Bond Fund (VAGIX)

Value Line Emerging Opportunities (VLEOX)

Value Line Fund (VLIFX)

Value Line Income & Growth (VALIX)

Value Line Larger Companies (VALLX)

Value Line NY Tax-Exempt (VLNYX)

Value Line Premier Growth (VALSX)

Value Line Tax-Exempt (VLHYX)

Value Line US Government Securities (VALBX)

ValueClick, Inc. (VCLK)

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