Doug Casey: The Real Problem Is Government

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I give a good number of speeches each year. For some time I've asked audiences a question: "What useful purpose does the U.S. government serve?" I do that not to be challenging or provocat…

China – A Reversal Of Urbanization?

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Economic and Demographic Changes
We have discussed China’s debt and malinvestment problems in these pages extensively in the past (most recently we have looked at various efforts to keep the yuan …

America’s Imperial Overstretch

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This week, SU-24 fighter-bombers buzzed a U.S. destroyer in the Baltic Sea. The Russian planes carried no missiles or bombs.
Message: What are you Americans doing here?
In the South China Sea, U.S. planes…

How To Trade The Coming Helicopter Money: Deutsche Bank Explains

Now that not only Mario Draghi but also Ben Bernanke have joined in the loud and growing chorus of “economic experts” debating the arrival of the monetary paradrop and suggesting that that helicopter money “may be the best available alternative”, it is…

Weekend Reading: Sagacious Discombobulation

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I noted in yesterday’s post that individuals, while still fully invested in the financial markets, are saying they are extremely bearish on the market. To wit:

“Speaking of the Fed,…

Silver Soars, Stocks Roar On 2nd Biggest Short-Squeeze Since 2011

After a week like this:

Retail Sales Tumble
Industrial Production Plunge
Inventories-to-Sales Surge
30Y Yield UNCH
Small Caps +3%

This seemed appropriate:

This was the worst two-week period for US Macro surprises since Dec 1st 2015…..

Why All Central Planning Is Doomed To Fail

Authored by Bill Bonner of Bonner & Partners (annotated by's Pater Tenebrarum),
Positivist Delusions
[ed. note: this article was originally published on March 5 2013 – Bill Bonner was on his way to his ranch in Argentina, s…

Which Are The Highest Paying Trading Jobs

As the following chart showing the collapse in trading revenue across the banks who have reported Q1 earnings so far shows…

… it has been a very bad start to the year for America’s largest, too big to fails/too big to prosecute.
It has bee…

Santelli & Harris Rage "The World Has Really Lost Its Way"

“Central bankers may have their hearts in the right place, but no matter how much more they do, they end up with more debt and no progress,” rages CNBC’s Santelli which, as Vine Street’s Yra Harris notes, “is enabled by a potemkin village of counterfac…

On The Hubris Of The Completely Clueless

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In the latest semi-annual Keynesian incantation spewed out by the world’s best pseudo-scientists, we learn that growth has been too slow for too long and that in itself is the cause of slow growt…

"Last Bubble Standing" Bursts – China Junk Bond Risk Soars

In January we pointed out "the last bubble standing," as China's crashing equity market had spurred massive inflows – directed by a "well-meaning" central-planning committee's propaganda – sparking a massive bubble in Chines…

Crude Oil Prices Rise On New Record Low US Rig Count

With all eyes on Doha this weekend, today's rig count data may have even less signaling power than normal. The US oil rig count has risen for only one week this entire year and continues to track lagged crude prices lower, dropping 3 to 351 (lowest…