A stark warning this stock market has plenty more room to fall

The Uber driver. The soccer coach. The guy at the liquor store and maybe even the gardener. If your job is in any way connected to the stock market, you’ve probably had some financial questions posed to you in the past couple days.

Gold sends the markets a message

Much has been said about the fundamentals of gold: mine closures, supply and demand, and the like. And the technical side, such as long-term trends and moving averages, has also been discussed a good bit. But there are other sides to this story.

After a meltdown, government bonds might be fairly valued

Over the past two months, benchmark bonds have been experiencing one of the most turbulent trading stretches since the 2013 “taper tantrum.” Though the correction was violent and hit markets hard, it might have brought bond markets to much healthie…

Get ready for a big rally in Europe if Greece reaches deal

If the Greek government breaks the negotiations deadlock with its lenders and seals an 11th hour bailout deal, Europe’s stock markets will be in for a wild ride, analysts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch said on Tuesday.