Good news for stocks — Caterpillar leads market

Caterpillar is the top performer in the Dow this year. Given its exposure to China and other emerging markets as well as the commodities world, it’s encouraging that this stock is back on track.

Ted Cruz vows 5% economic growth

Ted Cruz believes the U.S. economy will skyrocket if he’s in the White House. He says he can more than double growth.

Toxic oil loans create trouble for big banks

The Wall Street firms that bankrolled America’s oil boom are suffering more and more losses tied to loans that look increasingly shaky. Wells Fargo was forced to add to its loan-loss reserves for the first time since 2009.

Delta avoids turbulence despite oil price spike

Delta’s profit topped forecasts for a quarter that involved volatile oil prices, airport terrorism and uncertainty about the global economy.Popular: Radical Islam in America | Graham Opposes Republican Leader | Guns in America

Oil producers face stark choice in key meeting

When the world’s major oil producers gather this weekend in Doha, they will face a choice: agree to freeze crude production at current levels, or risk sending prices into another downward spiral.

Bernie Sanders wants to kill fracking boom

Bernie Sanders wants to ban fracking due to concerns over the environment. But fracking has created many new oil and gas jobs and also helped lower costs on consumers.