Five Books

If you don’t read it already, the Five Books series is well worth your while. Its premise is simple and profound. In new interviews published every Friday, various experts recommend the five best books on their areas of expertise. Some … Continue reading

A Behavioral Finance Play List

It isn’t “Weird Science” (Oingo Boingo)… …or “Brain Damage” (Pink Floyd)… …or even “Insane in the Brain” (Cypress Hill). It’s utterly human (and I write about it often). We are all deeply flawed. We have inherent flaws and weaknesses that … Continue reading

Herding Can Be Beautiful

In market terms, herding occurs when market participants react to information about the behavior of other market agents or participants rather than to market action or market fundamentals. The quintessential example is probably the dotcom boom around the turn of the … Continue reading

Do the Opposite

My friend Ben Carlson has a (typically) terrific piece up on how market action and sentiment impact us. It’s hilarious and true, especially on a day like today with oil and stocks desperately seeking a bottom. Here’s a taste. Bull … Continue reading

Cool News

The Jesse H. Neal Awards were created in 1955 to recognize and reward editorial excellence in business publications. Unbeknownst to me, ALM (publisher of Research magazine, for which I write a regular column) nominated me in the Best Commentary category … Continue reading

Bear Territory

After every football victory, the California Golden Bears declare that the ground on which they stand is Bear Territory. “You know it! What? You tell the story! What? You tell the whole damn world this is Bear Territory!” Watch this particularly … Continue reading

Trumping Truth with Stories

One of the few consistencies of a wild 2016 presidential campaign thus far is that Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is willing to spin, obfuscate, exaggerate, misdirect, deflect, lie outright and double-down when called out for having done so. And, so … Continue reading