Crunchtime for the eurozone

Europe remains stuck as it faces problems that only money printing will solve. And that ‘solution’ will only delay the day of reckoning.

Has Europe saved itself?

An alphabet soup of financial maneuvers allows Europe to dodge the most recent round of bank crisis bullets. But government debt worries linger.

Market at a turning point

We’re seeing both extreme downside pressures and an angst-ridden relief rally. It’s hard to tell which way the deadlock will break, but whatever happens, the move is likely to be big.

Finding growth far off the grid

Don’t let recent market machinations make you miss out on growth opportunities — wherever you find them. Right now, Mongolia has the makings of a success story.

Get ready for the next ‘rescue’

A pivotal week lies ahead, as US and European central banks decide whether to push more cash into the economy. But money printing is part of the problem.

Fiscal insanity? Bank on it

More volatility lies ahead as bank worries here and overseas continue to rattle markets. The focus instead should be on how central banks are debasing their currencies.

Popping the gold bubble theory

What the gold bears don’t seem to realize is that, despite its big gains, the gold market can’t be a bubble when almost everyone seems to think it’s overpriced.

Why market misery may benefit us

The debt downgrade and turmoil that has followed have shaken the world’s confidence in the US dollar and its leadership. But pain could be the motivation we need to fix the core problems.

There’s gold in mining stocks yet

The market is looking at the wrong measures when it comes to companies mining gold. When it catches on, these stocks will rise. Also: Warming up the printing presses.

Fiddling as the debt ceiling falls in

No matter how dramatic the politics around the debt ceiling become, it’s just theater. The reality is that government is out of control, tax revenues must rise and spending must fall.

Why Google, Apple can’t lift market

When strong earnings from tech titans like these can’t fuel much of a rally, there’s downside ahead. Also: Europe plays another round of kick-the-can.

Broke? Not if you can print money

Fed chief Bernanke is hovering, ready to respond to US economic weakness with more stimulus; Europe wishes it could use the same ‘fix.’

Kick-the-can debt game is worldwide

From Greece to the US, in a world filled with money printing, there always seems to be a way to delay the day of reckoning. Plus: What lies ahead for the tech sector.

Mutual funds with return-free risks

Some supposedly safe places for cash are exposing savers to surprising amounts of European debt — and the hazards that go with it.

Recovery fails its midterm exams

The market is likely to keep leaking until the Federal Reserve plugs it with more easy money. And that will only lead to further trouble.

Economy stuck in waiting room

Talk of a recovery seems premature, as job, real-estate and budget woes continue to weigh on the economy. The path to a real recovery will be painful.

Greek debt tragedy is good for gold

Greece’s financial saga will end, at some point, in default. Plus: The Fed is fooling itself on inflation, and why housing is still a mess.

Debt ceiling: Onward and upward

Congressional posturing notwithstanding, the government’s balance sheet and budgetary problems aren’t likely to be resolved anytime soon.