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As this week is a shortened holiday week, this newsletter is a brief commentary. We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Is The Recent Downtrend Sustainable? 

Though major US stock indexes have crossed their de facto 200 days moving averages a while back, recent fluctuation of these index prices has given investors hope that the current downturn is a blip. Unfortunately, last week, stocks retreated again. Naturally, one would want to look at the trends of all risk assets to get some idea on how broad the current downtrend is. Let’s first take a look at the trend scores of the major assets. 

REIT has withstood the current downturn

Major asset trends as of 11/16/2018:

DescriptionSymbol1 Week4 Weeks 52 WeeksTrend Score
US Equity REITsVNQ0.24%3.42%0.17%2.07%
Treasury BillsSHV0.05%0.16%1.64%0.65%
US StocksVTI-1.47%-0.9%7.53%0.32%
Mortgage Back BondsMBB0.81%0.81%-1.01%0.19%
Intermediate TreasuriesIEF0.97%1.25%-2.5%0.12%
Municipal BondsMUB0.43%0.59%-0.6%0.01%
Total US BondsBND0.41%0.46%-1.82%-0.24%
US High Yield BondsJNK-1.51%-1.68%-0.62%-1.21%
Emerging Market StksVWO2.96%3.94%-9.58%-3.23%
International Developed StksVEA-0.82%-1.65%-6.48%-5.03%

Surprisingly, REIT (VNQ) has stood out among all of the risk assets: it went against the stock downtrend in the past 4 weeks and actually has a meaningful positive trend score. 

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