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For regular SAA and TAA portfolios, the next re-balance will be on Monday, October 9, 2017. You can also find the re-balance calendar for 2017 on ‘Dashboard‘ page once you log in.

As a reminder to expert users: advanced portfolios are still re-balanced based on their original re-balance schedules and they are not the same as those used in Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation (SAA and TAA) portfolios of a plan.

Please note that we now list the next re-balance date on every portfolio page.

The Role of Short Term Bond Funds

As many of our readers know, we treat fixed income investing very seriously and believe they not only directly serve for conservative/income investors, they are also our ‘secret’ weapon to construct a sound and better return portfolio for investors in all kinds of risk spectrums, ranging from tactical equity/stock portfolios to strategic asset allocation portfolios. Among them, we have published a series of newsletters on cash and short term investments — an area often overlooked:

Specifically, in July 24, 2017: Total Return Bond Fund Portfolios And Cash, we outline the following allocation idea:

for a tactical stock portfolio:

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