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For regular SAA and TAA portfolios, the next re-balance will be on Tuesday, September 5, 2017. You can also find the re-balance calendar for 2017 on ‘Dashboard‘ page once you log in.

As a reminder to expert users: advanced portfolios are still re-balanced based on their original re-balance schedules and they are not the same as those used in Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation (SAA and TAA) portfolios of a plan.

Please note that we now list the next re-balance date on every portfolio page.

Note: we recently suspended sending weekly performance email updates as some users preferred receiving less emails. However, we have also received several inquiries and requests to reinitiate the email updates. If you have a strong opinion on this subject, please kindly email to us (support at or write in our support forum. We will restart the performance email updates if there is enough demand. As a reminder, you can always login to your account and see performance on the dashboard.

I Didn’t Learn Anything — Mistake vs. Temporary Underperformance

We want to again delve into the subject of staying with a strategy for a long time to reap its benefits as we feel this is perhaps the most important deciding factor for investment success/failure. Let’s start an anecdote from Stanley Druckenmiller, a famous hedge fund trader who once helped George Soros’ hedge fund. 

I didn’t learn anything

In this Bloomberg’s report Investors Find It Hard to Stay Course in Strange Winds, it told a story on Druckernmiller’s investments during the internet technology bubble till 2001: 

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