China Dumps $100+ Billion In USTs In December Per Revised TIC Data; UK Is Now Russia’s Shadow Buyer

Every year in February, the Treasury department releases its adjustment to foreign purchases of Treasury bond holdings as of the previous June (with revised and overriding estimates for all the intervening months in the interim, as well as previous monthly forecasts). It did that earlier today. And while many may have been expecting the revision to s…


The LTRO is a craneAttached to an opposite trainWill this sucker go?Do snakes like the snow?Are Greeks now enjoying their pain?
The Limerick King

Draghi and Satan are chums
They’re playing for outrageous sums
This dumb TROIKA clown
Must now double-down
Or all the EU will be slums
The Limerick King


Dow Jones 13,000 Crossed 52 Times in Past 3 Days, Wreaks Havoc With Retirement Plans Of Trader Community

Since the amount of coverage the Dow 13,000 has received on CNBC indicates that it is clearly the indicator for half of the actively trading population in America to hang its hat and retire, we can only commiserate with the retirement planners of America who have had to do only to undo retirement plans for all of 7 people give or take (as we said, ha…

2012: A Year in the Global Economy by Azad Zangana and Keith Wade of Schroder Investment Management

Global growth is set to slow further in 2012 largely as a result of the euro crisis. On the positive side, two factors should support activity in 2012. The first is a fall in inflation, which will support household real incomes leading to stronger consumer spending. The second is the strength of the corporate sector; companies have stockpiled cash an…

The Difference Between Knowing and Doing by Stephen Dodson of Bretton Fund

Theres a significant disconnect between what investors say is the right approach and how they invest in reality. Many funds claim to be long-term, but the average holding period for the average stock mutual fund is only 10 months. Part of the reason for this dissonance is the incentive for fund managers to invest a particular way to attract instituti…

Why Is the Financial World So Messed Up?

Why is the financial world so messed up? Because it’s run by Central Bankers. And those folks view money very differently than the businesspeople who create businesses, jobs, and wealth.
For your average Central Banker, the professional relationship between money and risk is a distant one. This has much to do with the fact that your aver…