50 stocks to buy in October

StockScouter, MSN Money’s stock-picking tool, identifies companies capable of outperforming the broader market in the weeks ahead.

How Much Are Social Security Benefits Worth?

OK, look that big gift horse in the mouth. How much are Social Security benefits really worth? Check your answer below.

Nada. I’m not getting them and don’t expect to get them, ever.
Not much, maybe $120,000 over my lifetime.
Quite a bit, but I don’t know how to measure the value.
I don’t answer public questions because I …

New mutual funds: A progress report

Each of these 19 mutual funds launched within the past 3 years got off to a promising start. Here’s a snapshot of how they’re holding up.

Finding growth far off the grid

Don’t let recent market machinations make you miss out on growth opportunities — wherever you find them. Right now, Mongolia has the makings of a success story.

Look overseas for stock bargains

The recent dollar rally has triggered sharp declines in emerging-market stocks. They’re cheap at the moment, and an end-of-year rally could pay investors 2 ways.

The 6 safest stocks around

An investment strategist screens for stocks that meet 4 tough criteria. The result: companies that offer shareholders shelter in the market’s storm.

Why stocks are safer than Uncle Sam

A lot of shellshocked investors are shunning stocks for government bonds or cash. Understandable as it is, it’s the wrong move. Here are 3 better ideas for nervous investors.

Can a Vacation Home Be a Good Investment?

Q. What do you think of a vacation home as an investment? My wife and I have about $70,000 a year from Social Security and my state pension. I am 67, she is 65. We also have about $200,000 in variable annuities and another 250,000 in 401(k) and 457 plans.

Our daughter lives in Arkansas and we like to visit several times a year. We are wondering abou…

5 investment tips for volatile times

Long-term investors may have to devote more attention to managing losses than going for outsize returns. Pay attention to taxes, costs and asset allocation.

10 stocks you should know and love

In uncertain times, it can pay to stick close to home, investing in companies that make products you know and love. Consider Starbucks, Amazon, Estee Lauder and more.

Should you invest in gold?

The shiny stuff has been sparkling. But when the economy and the stock market pick up, gold prices are likely to head down.

Bluer skies ahead for airlines

After a weak first quarter, battered airline stocks seem poised to soar. Five stocks in particular seem most likely to take off.

6 cash-rich giants to consider

Cash is king in tough economies, in part because it lets the big fish prey on smaller companies that add to the bottom line. Here are 6 big names with big dollars to play with.

Sleepy stocks, eye-opening returns

The power of compounding dividend payments means go-nowhere stocks like ConEd, Procter & Gamble and PepsiCo can pay off big.

The second-best stock in the world?

A lot of investors consider Apple the best stock in the world to own; the second-best isn’t so clear, but here’s a look at McDonald’s and 2 other strong contenders.

Why China is all that matters

The Chinese government wants to cool its hot economy to prevent higher inflation, but what if it overshoots? The entire global economy is at risk. Investors, watch carefully.

3 stocks that will keep on winning

These companies have demonstrated a remarkable ability to successfully evolve and adapt while maintaining leadership positions in their industries.

The Constant Inquirer

I think of him as The Constant Inquirer. He provides relief from a dismal age where public discourse is modeled on the pre-match challenges you see on the World Wrestling Network. He offers an alternative to a world in which opinion is regularly treated as fact. Instead, John Mauldin offers an honest search for answers in a perplexing world.

But d…