50 stocks to buy in September

StockScouter, MSN Money’s stock-picking tool, identifies companies capable of outperforming the broader market in the weeks ahead.

Why You Should Delay Taking Social Security Benefits If You Can

Q. My neighbors and I are wondering. Should we begin drawing Social Security retirement benefits at 62 or wait until 66? We’ve heard that it is better to start at 62 because the difference in monthly payments is not significant and it would take up to 10 years after 66 to make up for the money you’d get from 62 to 66. ;Another advantage to drawing at…

Why Obama needs to spend more

Political chest-thumping aside, economic fundamentals and the lesson of the Great Depression’s ‘double-dip’ of ’37 support the case for more government stimulus. Obama’s jobs plan might work — if we let it.

5 reasons gold is headed for $3,000

Recent dips are giving us another chance to get in on the great gold rush. The factors driving the metal higher — broken governments and fragile economies — aren’t going away.

Who Stole the Money in the Social Security Trust Fund?

In a recent column, “The Coming American Spring,” I suggested that the smell of tear gas was in our future. It struck a nerve. Readers responded with a resounding roar. Some wanted to add a constitutional amendment for term limits to my list of changes we need to see. Others simply expressed frustration. Ideas are good, they wrote, but …

Is the stock market ripping you off?

Investors watching their nest eggs melt away are asking whether the stock market is the best place for their savings. History says it is.

Look abroad for dividend income?

International mutual funds and ETFs that focus on dividends may be just the ticket to generate income — especially if the dollar remains weak.

Can the Fed chief calm our fears?

The pressure is on Ben Bernanke to come to the rescue again, but don’t expect QE3. Instead, smaller moves could ease lending and lift stocks — and chase away the gloom.

The top time-tested mutual funds

Want to get the most for your nest egg? These funds are the best performers by category over the past one-, three-, five-, 10- and 20-year stretches.

Social Security Costs the Young Much More than It Costs Today’s Retirees

Q. The current stir about the possibility of reducing Social Security payments has many recipients “up in arms”. I am 72. I retired at 54 due to an upcoming company spin-off that I was afraid to stay around for to see what the new company benefits might be. I started taking Social Security at 62. Many people my age and older are convinced that they p…

The world’s most powerful women

Forbes presents its annual ranking of the 100 women doing the most to make their marks in politics, media, entertainment, business and philanthropy.

Why markets are coming undone

The bungled downgrade of US credit by Standard & Poor’s shows just how far financial markets still have to go to understand the risks that remain.

What’s B of A’s problem now?

Just 3 years after the bailouts, the biggest US banks are seeing their stocks dive anew. Are they still sick, or are they good buys in a struggling market?

3 smart ways to lower market risk

You can’t even begin to measure all the risk in global equities markets now. But you can reduce your exposure. The stocks that fit into 3 themes should rise even if the global economy stalls.

Can stocks save your retirement?

The market’s high volatility and low returns have increased the appeal of ‘safer’ investments. But the road to financial security is paved with equities. Here’s why.

A dozen dividend stocks worth a look

Dividends provide a revenue stream that can pay investors while they wait for the stock market to rally. These 12 stocks have attractive yields.

Do-or-die time for the US economy

If the stocks and the economy can’t get back on track, we’re in for a prolonged and painful downturn. The market is betting on recession, but there’s reason to believe we’ll make it.