Get ready for a July rally

The drumbeat of bad news is ending, and investors are now willing to cling to any hint of better news. But how long can that boost the market?

50 stocks to buy in July

StockScouter, MSN Money’s stock-picking tool, identifies companies capable of outperforming the broader market in the weeks ahead.

Halftime for the bull market

You’ll hear that the recovery is already over. But actually, it’s still here, and this bull has room to run. And that, of course, means investors have some good opportunities.

When it’s OK to raid your 401k

More workers are tapping their retirement savings. And in some cases, it’s a smart move (though it usually isn’t). Before you do it, be aware of the serious drawbacks.

Why Treasury crash won’t happen

Investors worried about sinking Treasury values can breathe easier — for now. New banking regulations mean sovereign debt will look a lot more attractive in the short term. After that, things could turn ugly.

Could ETFs blow up the market?

ETFs are supposed to be safe and steady, but some of the same exotic instruments that helped tank the market four years ago are being employed now to craft increasingly complex exchange-traded funds.

ETFs on the brink

The rush to offer new ways for investors to chase market gains has splintered the ETF industry, producing a growing number of funds that may be too small to prosper.

Mutual funds with return-free risks

Some supposedly safe places for cash are exposing savers to surprising amounts of European debt — and the hazards that go with it.

Want to get in on the next hot IPO?

With LinkedIn and Pandora hitting the market and Facebook and Groupon on the way, interest in initial public offerings is soaring. But it’s not easy (and it’s risky) to play this game.

Simple ways to attack unemployment

Even as the economy recovers, joblessness has barely budged. Solutions are out there, and waiting will only put the US at a disadvantage in the global economy.

Skip Pimco’s flagship bond fund

Bill Gross is the world’s pre-eminent bond fund manager. But his Pimco Total Return fund is too big, and there are better alternatives.

An easy way to grab rising dividends

As the market stalls and corporate-earnings growth starts to slow, dividend-paying companies look a lot more attractive. ETFs offer simple ways to cash in on those payouts.

Is water the new gold?

The next hot commodity for investors could be one you think is everywhere, but which in reality is increasingly hard to find: Clean, fresh water.

How to invest in the cloud

Everybody’s talking about it (reason enough to be cautious). Know which technology companies can give you a piece — or a bigger helping — of the action.

China’s ticking time bomb

The fast-growing economy is fueled by low-paid migrant workers who have watched others profit from their sweat. How much longer will they be willing to do it?

Schwab’s bold bet on ETFs

The discount broker, a bit player in 401k’s, seeks a bigger share of the mutual fund market with retirement-plan ETFs. But for investors and Schwab alike, there could be big risks.

Big funds see red over China stocks

Shares of many of Chinese companies have tumbled as regulators and investors have raised questions about companies’ finances and operations.

Recovery fails its midterm exams

The market is likely to keep leaking until the Federal Reserve plugs it with more easy money. And that will only lead to further trouble.

Back to the brink of disaster

The fallout from derivatives — this time tied to Greek debt — could trigger global financial contagion. How could we be dumb enough to let it happen again?