50 stocks to buy in June

StockScouter, MSN Money’s stock-picking tool, identifies companies capable of outperforming the broader market in the weeks ahead.

Beyond oil: 8 hot energy plays

With nuclear fading and wind proving problematic, the big action now is in solar, natural gas and even coal. Plus: Some companies worth a look.

The complete list of company rankings

Here’s a quick look at the methodology and the full results of the MSN Money-IBOPE Zogby International customer-service survey for 2011.

More investors shift to hard assets

Financial advisers cite several reasons for a renewed urge to own precious metals and other alternatives to stocks and bonds. But they warn that these assets carry expenses and risks.

How to fix the black-hole economy

The Fed, Washington and the world have poured trillions into the economy to try to get it moving. Here’s why the dollars seem to disappear — and what could stop it.

4 industries boosted by big tax breaks

Big Oil won a skirmish over its tax breaks last week, but more battles loom. Other targets could be tax breaks that help the housing sector, health care — and you.

Economics… the dismal whatever

How many sciences do you know that have the word voodoo associated with them? How many have had major paradigm shifts every 20 years? Economics is still categorized into various schools of thought. When was the last time you heard of schools of chemical thought or schools of biological thought? Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel prize winner in economics, has…

Don’t fear market ghosts

Investors are worried that the current market pullback will turn into a full-fledged bear market. Here are 3 things investors should have learned from recent crises.

Remodeling your home? Watch out for scams

For many homeowners, the warmer months is the prime time to remodel a kitchen or bathroom. But beware — there are some contractors who may offer you a deal that’s simply too good to be true.

Saving enough for retirement: 7 keys

For millions of Americans, the difference between a comfortable retirement and a constant struggle to meet expenses comes down to having a plan.

Debt ceiling: Onward and upward

Congressional posturing notwithstanding, the government’s balance sheet and budgetary problems aren’t likely to be resolved anytime soon.

401k balances hit new high

Despite a 12% gain since last year, savers surveyed by Fidelity Investments are hardly feeling flush. Many say they are unsure they’ll be financially ready to retire.

Fuel shortages hit developing world

Caught between rising costs and price controls, China, India, Russia and other countries face a problem that is much worse: Not enough energy to go around.

Do our kids qualify for financial aid?

Q: Our kids are 10 and 16. We expect to inherit $200,000, which we need for retirement. Can we still get financial aid for college? — Name withheld

Why Berkshire and Buffett never lose

The venerated investor employs fuzzy financial reporting that gives his investment vehicle an ‘intrinsic’ value richer than what the market’s willing to pay.

Why home prices are falling — again

Too few buyers with too many homes for sale depresses prices. Analysts foresee an additional 10% plunge — an opportunity for landlords and investors, but bad news for homeowners.

CEOs got a big raise; how about you?

Coming out of a bruising recession, the average CEO got a 24% pay raise. The average worker? Just 3.3%. What does the widening pay gap mean for investors?

Stay cool, save money

Warmer weather means relief from the high cost of heating your home. Enjoy it while you can.