50 stocks to buy in May

StockScouter, MSN Money’s stock-picking tool, identifies companies capable of outperforming the broader market in the weeks ahead.

Resist the madness of the crowd

It’s psychologically difficult to own out-of-favor securities, yet potentially rewarding. Consider silver not long ago — or Microsoft today.

5 Chinese companies to own

Even with its many risks and lack of transparency, the world’s No. 2 economy is too big and growing too quickly to ignore. Here’s how investors can ease their way into the Chinese market.

Earnings aren’t as good as they seem

Companies are reporting stellar results. But drill down in the numbers and you find those companies benefiting from temporary tax breaks and facing climbing costs. Stock pickers need to be extra-choosy.

Investors, it’s time to run and hide

The stock market can ignore economic woes and worries for only so long. Here’s why a pullback is on the horizon and the smart money is preparing for the worst, as well as several ways to get defensive.

World is bitten by the gold bug

With the global economy looking uncontrollable and unpredictable, investors can’t get enough of the shiny metal. And increasingly they prefer physical gold.

China creeps toward a crisis

By taking a weak stance on inflation, China is inviting political unrest. That sets it on a dangerous course of greater political repression and even less action on inflation.

Blues for blue-chip investors

Why do big companies with good profits often get little respect from Wall Street? Investors may expect these giants to stumble like many in the past.

Earnings optimism meets debt reality

The latest week of earnings brought good tidings for tech, but it also carried a stern warning from S&P about approaching US debt and credit risks.

Google CEO has Wall Street on edge

Larry Page, who co-founded the search giant, doesn’t shy away from projects he calls risky and ‘even strange.’ Critics say this approach hurts profitability.

Where to turn when the dollar falls

Credit rating agencies are more worried than ever about America’s fiscal health. Now it’s time for you to act as your own credit rating agency. Here are 4 categories to help you invest abroad.

Is America the new Greece?

S&P analysts issued a warning this week that we have to control our debt or face a credit meltdown. Here’s why austerity is our best choice, and how to get ready for it.

How ETFs have reshaped investing

Exchange-traded funds let ordinary investors try strategies that used to be just too much trouble. But critics fear they encourage risk-taking.

How to forecast a stock-market top

A Wall Street research firm is tracking four key indicators for signs that the bull market is on its last legs. Here’s what to look for.

Worrying about QE2

The end of the Fed’s program of quantitative easing will bring plenty of bumps, but it won’t crash the US economy. Emerging markets could be in for a rockier road.

Can you profit from pot — legally?

Medical marijuana is big business. Some governments are taking a sympathetic approach to it, and some investors smell an opportunity. But there’s a problem hanging in the air: Pot is still illegal.

10 stocks traders bet will fall

Stocks climbed a wall of worry in late March, but short interest in these companies is a sign that their shares could be in for harrowing declines.

Why gold could hit $5,000

Fears of inflation and global turmoil have sent precious metals surging, with gold trading at all-time highs above $1,500 an ounce. How much further can it climb?