Useful ETF Tools

ETFs (and ETNs) are cool.  Looking at them is a kid in a candy store kind of thing. To do effective momentum investing, one usually needs no more than seven or eight ETFs. More is not really better. But it’s fun to look at all the varied asset classes and interesting ideas finding their way into the ETF universe. One of these days, I may even …

50 stocks to buy in April

StockScouter, MSN Money’s stock-picking tool, identifies companies capable of outperforming the broader market in the weeks ahead.

7 ways to fix America

While we wade through the economic mud of a weak recovery, our leaders dither. These steps from a think tank may not hold all the answers, but they could be a start.

History of Momentum Research

For those want to see where academic momentum all began, the first published paper was in 1937. It was titled Some A Posteriori Probabilities in Stock Market Action by Alfred Cowles III and Herbert Jones.  The Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics, which was formally at the University of Chicago and is now at Yale, was started by Cowles. T…

Martha Stewart stock: 3 good things

The domestic goddess and former CEO has fueled criticism and raised investors’ doubts by moving off network TV and out of Kmart. But is the best still to come for her company?

Has silver lost its investing shine?

Lately, this precious metal has gained value faster than even its ancient rival, gold. But history and hard facts suggest the streak won’t last.

Where to invest in a time of crisis

Armed conflicts and natural disasters like those now rocking Japan and the Middle East are facts of life. But dangerous places also create new financial opportunities.

Caution: More housing woes ahead

Banks and the Fed helped paper them over, but deep problems remain for the real estate market. And they could soon trigger even more financial turmoil.

3 keys to China’s 3 stock markets

Stocks in this emerging giant come in three distinct types. Knowing which is which can make a big difference in how you play them and how much you make.

5 reasons stocks could keep climbing

The bull market has had two impressive years. Understandably, investors worry that it will soon end, but an expert says the evidence suggests otherwise.

Can you find the next Facebook?

If you have wealth, big dreams and a willingness to take risks, you could become an ‘angel’ investor for a startup. Tax breaks are luring more people to try it.

Take advice from Mr. ‘Dow 36,000’?

He was behind the most notoriously inaccurate forecast in recent financial history. But is it possible that James K. Glassman is talking good sense now?

The 7 best stocks for a lifetime

‘Forever’ isn’t just for stamps. A long-term investor’s portfolio needs a solid core of keepers, and these proven companies fill the bill perfectly.

Computers judge the CEOs

Could a machine study a conference call and rate the ability of the boss? See what software developed by ex-spies says about executives at some top companies.

How risky is your 401k?

If it’s a target-date fund, that’s a good question to ask. The 2008 crisis exploded the myth that these ‘set and forget’ investments are all equally safe.

Can the Saudis save the economy?

We’re depending on the House of Saud to replace lost Libyan oil. We also need the Saudis to quiet political unrest in the Persian Gulf. The future of the economy depends on it.

The perversity of Japan’s finances

Why did the value of the yen reach new highs at the same time the risk of Japan defaulting on mountains of debt soared? The answer to that shows why Japan still needs to buy plenty of U.S. debt.

How to play a falling dollar

US currency will remain important, but its global dominance may be over soon. Fast-rising foreign currencies offer increasing investment opportunities.

Will yen fuel Japan’s next crisis?

The natural disaster and nuclear crisis there rightly get the most attention, but battered Japan could soon face big troubles stemming from its currency. Here’s why.

Japan’s disaster menaces US economy

With multiple crises still unfolding there, the ripple effects will spread worldwide. Our recovery looks wobbly, and even a double-dip recession is possible.