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Soaring food prices and high unemployment have combined explosively in Egypt — and are a global threat. Don’t bet on thoughtful governmental responses.

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Super Bowl theory says to go long

Dismiss the Super Bowl indicator at your peril. If enough people believe the market will head in a certain direction, it will.

5 auto stocks poised to rally

Improving sales brought a heady sense of optimism to the 2011 North American International Auto Show. Here are 5 ways to play the trend.

The return of the Internet IPO

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10 reasons to love rising prices

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2011: The year of wild speculation

From tablet devices to rare earth metals, trends are hot on Wall Street once again. But in the end, cooler heads will prevail.

Prepare for the inflation fight now

As emerging markets beef up efforts to curb inflation, stocks there are likely to suffer. Now is a great time to look closer to home.

Top managers’ top dividend stocks

Dividends provide investors with one of the surest ways to earn superior returns. These 10 dividend-payers are favorites of some of the nation’s best-known stock pickers.

ETF investors win as fees keep falling

When returns are low, investors watch every penny. So ETF and mutual-fund providers are slashing fees to build market share and keep from losing customers.

What you didn’t learn from the crash

The severity of the recent downturn likely has you swearing off stocks, but the lesson of the Great Recession isn’t to walk away. Far from it.

Our next economic worry: Inflation

Not so long ago, a little inflation seemed a lot better than the alternative. But now we’re seeing scary signs that it might be getting out of hand.

The 6 big market events of 2011

Here’s a look at some possibilities that could shape the market this year, from the first true market highs in years to a Facebook buyout.