9 good bets on the US economy

The US has the world’s most promising economy, if only because the rest of the world looks so risky. Buy these stocks while it lasts.

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3 new investing rules to live by

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5 rules for the wild year ahead

Amid the market’s ups and downs, keep your eye on the long-term trend moving stocks upward. And should that trend break, prepare to run for cover.

Some employers steal from 401k’s

In tough times, some business owners are facing a tough choice: Pay the bills or deposit their workers’ money into the 401k plan. Here’s how to protect yourself.

Get ready for a wild ride in 2011

Developments in Europe and China are leading me to rethink my strategy for next year. It’s going to be a rougher course than I’ve been expecting.

Voices of authority: Product pitchmen

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As bad as the last few years have been, the markets have recovered from worse. Here’s a look at some of the biggest investing mistakes of all time.

Why food bills are heading higher

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Are ETFs a market menace?

A controversial new report says that exchange-traded funds distort the stock market and are behind an escalating number of trading failures. Should investors worry?

Invest globally in domestic bliss

China plans to focus its economy on domestic consumers; that’s probably a good tactic for investors, too. Here are 9 stocks (you may not have heard of) to help.

How to invest for the next bubble

With the Fed and cash-rich China both pumping cheap money into the system, another global bubble looks likely. Do you play for a sudden pop or a slow deflation?

3 stocks for the epic bull market

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401k’s pay off only for lucky few

Millions of Americans have no access to a 401k plan, and many of those who do misjudge market risk — individual retirement plans lost $2 trillion in the recent plunge.

6 investing mistakes novices make

Young adults with steady incomes should be setting some aside for retirement — but that can be a whole lot harder than it sounds. Here’s how to avoid the common missteps.

10 best stocks for $5 or less

With the market up, bargains are harder to find, but a lot of great companies on the brink of turnarounds can still be had cheap.