The prospects for a shiny new quarter

What a difference 3 months make. The bear market we had expected didn’t show up — but don’t start singing ‘Happy Days Are Here Again’ just yet.

Why saving money can be risky

Americans are cutting their debts and putting away more money. But too often they’re settling for zero returns or making investments that look increasingly risky.

Once-ignored fund is now red-hot

Money has poured into Permanent Portfolio, as investors chase returns from its holdings in gold, bonds and other popular assets. The fund’s manager is staying cool.

How to choose the right brokerage

Day traders and the long-term investor will have vastly different brokerage needs. Here’s how to match your investing style to your broker.

7 investments that beat stocks now

With stocks struggling to gain traction, it could be time to seek opportunities elsewhere. These alternatives may outperform the market in the months ahead.

How Obama can fix the US economy

Some advice on filling that economic-adviser job at the White House: Think big, get tough in the global economy, and invest in America’s future. Oh, and call Jim Jubak.

Stock picks to change your life

Warning: Buying the 10 stocks listed atop StockScouter’s rating system could result in serious money. Here’s how the strategy works.

Hot market demands a cool head

Through the market’s weakness over summer and its recent strength, it’s been wise for investors to maintain perspective and not chase the tape too closely.

Be ready for the rally’s end

September’s big market move faces a few hurdles with earnings season closing in. Here’s why it’s likely to stall, how to tell if it is and how to prepare.

We’re buying like we’re rich again

U.S. consumers are back in the stores, with a new outlook: We’ll still take the generics on sale, but please throw in those Jimmy Choos.

The 10 richest Americans

A majority of billionaires in the Forbes 400 have regained at least some of the wealth lost in the recession and stock market meltdown. But as a group, they’re still down from 2008.

How to get the most from your 401k

Even small revisions to your retirement account today could make a big difference in your future nest egg. Also: What to do if your plan isn’t up to snuff.

Why CEOs can’t stand Obama

Corporate leaders are slamming the president over taxes and the uncertain effects of his policies, and the executives’ siege mentality is holding back the economy.

The recipe for another depression

Just as the Smoot-Hawley Tariff of 1930 helped put us on a course toward the Great Depression, Japan’s recent currency move could begin a downward spiral.

Hate stocks? 7 funds instead

Investors seeking predictable returns are pouring money into funds employing a variety of strategies that shun the familiar approach of buying and holding stocks.

Cuba understands what US doesn’t

As even the Cuban government lays off workers, we can’t seem to face the looming problems posed by our own bloated public payrolls.

Why there’s such a dividend deluge

Companies are handing out dividends left and right, but the yields are hardly worth cheering about. What does an investor have to do to make money?

8 companies reinventing your future

Ready for a trip to an inflatable space station? A weak economy hasn’t stopped entrepreneurs from working on new ideas in space travel, robotics, energy and more.

Why investors shouldn’t be so glum

There’s growing evidence that investors and company execs are far more negative than the data justify. That’s an opportunity for those who see past the pessimism bubble.