How the stock market is killing jobs

Today’s rapid-fire, anyone-can-play market makes it tougher for small companies to raise money to grow and hire. Do we need a new market to save the economy?

The No. 1 key to a fund’s success

A study by Morningstar says the company’s star rating system isn’t the most vital factor in predicting a mutual fund’s performance.

Stocks versus other investments

STOCKS 101: Investing in stocks is not rocket science. The only real characteristics shared among successful stock investors are basic math skills, a critical eye, patience and discipline.

Savings Challenge Rules

Rules for the 2011 AARP Savings Challenge. Learn how you can win prizes by submitting your money-saving ideas.

10 great funds it pays to own

Put more cash in your pocket and protect your portfolio with funds that pay dividends and interest. It’s probably better than stuffing your money under a mattress (or in Treasurys).

Determine your asset mix

PORTFOLIO 105: Your asset allocation is your portfolio’s blend of stocks, bonds and cash. Finding the best asset mix is crucial if you want to meet your goals.